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L number colonies and juveniles, whiptails

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I can deliver fish to Brisbane on weekend of March 8-9. Min buy $75.

I have included what I think the fish are worth based on prices online and recent sales. That said I'm more than happy to negotiate and will discount if you buy more than one colony. Offers over $1150 for the remaining fish listed here will be considered.

L333 colony. Male is in the cave as he wouldn't come out. Top right is the female. Not sure about the smaller one, suspect its a male based on its behaviour. The larger male and female have bred many times. ON HOLD


L333 juveniles. Selling as unsexed. The larger five were grown from a spawn from the above colony. The smaller fry is from the same colony, left over from a recent spawn (before christmas). $300


Red whiptails. Not sure on sex ratio. ON HOLD


Sturisoma whiptail. Male. ON HOLD


L134 colony. I think its one males two females, one unknown (darker individual in pic, I suspect its a male). These were bred by previous owners but I've only had trapping behavior. ON HOLD

update: with all the moving to get the pics, one of the larger three L134s have been beaten up and died. Not sure which sex it was. Price adjusted


L377. This came from a colony that throws albinos, so probably carries some albino genes. ON HOLD


L004. Poor pic but these have awesome golden spots. ON HOLD


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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