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Cyprichromis Nigripinnis breeding again!!

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So after killing nearly my entire colony ( Sorry to who I bought them off, and don't ask -_- ), im finally getting fry again :humble::D Ive actually never been this excited. Found two fry this morning and I didn't even realise she was holding! I bought some bubs of Shon what feels like ages ago and have been super lucky in getting 1 boy and 5 females (think one is my fry as I killed the albino) They are pretty much at breeding size now. So heres to getting a nice big colony again :D Dunno why I just love this fish lol. Six months ago, I nearly gave up....

Managed to kill a trio of demonsoni the other day, thought id try a diff sort of African. ..... So was pretty bummed about that, still not sure how, such a noob sometimes. Now these fry have made my day :P Cmon another peppermint spawn :D

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