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mark andrews

Peacock bass pair e.o.i

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E.o.i. Peacock bass pair female has laid,male approx 45cm female approx 38cm both feeding on hikari floating sticks

this weekend only e.o.i. Thinking of changing to a difference species.definately no holds or hanging onto them till you can get here, first to pay and collect them owns them,

Will need to bring your own aeration device and container etc.

Pm please.


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Thanks but a pair is no good for me I have plenty of hot chicks, I'm only after a big 50cm plus male, approx 45cm is not enough fish seem bigger when looking through glass lol when it comes out its 5cm+ shorter lol

Good luck with sale mark and if your male bass is close to 50cm then pm me

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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