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tiger and orange oscar

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Hey guys,

Selling my two Oscars that i have had for three years now. big fish they have always been together got them at the same time....there actually my first ever fish...they have there little fights every now and then like all Oscars do but never seen either of them damage each other just the lip locking action. There in a community tank together with other very large and smaller fish too, so because they work well in my tank doesn't mean they'll work in yours, not to say they don't defend themselves too after all they do have that reputation as a species.

In terms of food they eat anything and everything from crickets, earthworms, feeder fish, blood worms but mainly fed sinking and floating pellets.

I would like to see them both go together if i can help it, just because of there history and like i said i'm not sure what sex they are so they very well could be a couple, don't know.

If your interested, let me know, down below.

Can put picks up but then again there like every other Oscar around, but if you want it just ask.

cheers again

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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