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Gumtree. good, bad or unknown

Gumtree, Good, Bad or unkonwn  

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  1. 1. Gumtree, Good, Bad or unkonwn

    • gumtree is a good place to sell/buy
    • no, doodge...
    • i cant comment.. wouldn't know

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Hi team

over the last couple of years i have read i bunch of gumtree 'horror stories'

BUT personally i have only have positive experiances.. I find most my sales (2/3's) go thru gumtree and i get little, to no 'gin' around from buyers, unlike here (qldaf) where i find heaps of tyre kickers/time wasting shats.

what your opinion....

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Hmm I got about 40%-50% successful rate through gumtree (I.e 10 ppl asking for sth 4-5ppl show up in the end).

Still have lots of time wasters and really annoying ridiculous buyers like, drunk and text you at midnight, dont want to pay AAE freight and keep harassing you to post fish via Australia express post and if u refuse - text back with really rude F word...etc.

But don't get me wrong, do have friendly buyers from gumtree. And also get lots of stuff sold from gumtree as well. It's just hard to say its either good or bad lol.

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SOCIAL MEDIA be on your guard.


1//As regards Gumtree I have found it an excellent place to sell/buy.

I've had my share of duds but when it costs nothing to use I can wear that.

Then ,when I'm logged into Ebay I see my items being advertised thanks to Gumtree & I know I'm getting good coverage at no charge.

{{Brings to mind I've had more bad experiences with EBAY than Gumtree. }}

2//My dealings with members of this forum have, in the vast majority of cases, been positive & helpful with satisfying results & occasionally new friends made.

So, good ,all good.

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Well case inpoint was my recent listing of pavers. I listed them at one third the price of retail, as although they were used, they had been laid on sand not cement. It was a good deal and I really wanted them gone, so I priced them to sell. I had lifted them and stacked all 110 of them neatly . I get a call at 7.45 this morning from some bloke in Redlands who wanted them big time.

I had promised my wife that I would take her and the sprog to the beach today as she was working on Sunday. He wanted to come over at midday and I told him that was a no go, so we settled on 5 in the afternoon. So we go to the beach and leg it back to FL to be back on time so that we can do the deal and help him load. Meanwhile I had other callers and I told them that they looked like they were gone and that if it fell through they were on the waiting list. Well at 4.45 on the dot, I get an SMS saying sorry can't make 5 oclock. So I sms back with so when can you come ? No response, so I leave it another ten minutes and ask again, do you want them please let me know as I have other people interested. Again no response. So I decide to call him. Douche bag has switched his phone off. So I send him another message to the effect of WTF ??? If you didn't want them why did you wait till 15 minutes before appointment to back out. Arsehole. Anyway I called the next guy, who said that he lived not too far away and would be there in under an hour. True to his word the guy turned up who a delightful elderly Vietnamese gent and his wife, who did'nt muck around, paid me upfront and will come and collect on friday. I gave him $20 off the asking price just for being upfront, honest and on time.

We also sold a heap of baby gear on Gumtree last year, all went well, with the exception of the Pram, for some reason we had about 6 no shows.The worst one being some cow who swore blind that she would be there in less than 60 minutes to view, I said no longer as I wanted to take my daughter out to play. 15 minutes past the hour I text her, her response, yeah sorry, hubby wanted a new pram so we bought a brand new one instead. Well I lost it, and gave her a serve about rudness and lack of consideration, and out right dishonesty. People are amazing.

I find that most of the time Gumtree people who send you an email are time wasters. However the number of Text you get " Is the pram/pavers/cattle prod whatever still available ? And so you respond with a Yes... and then you hear nothing ever again from them.

I had one woman email me offering me 30% less of the asking price of the pram, as that was all she could afford. I was sick of the bloody thing cluttering up the garage, so I said yeah why not, she could have it at that price if she could come round and collect it that day. Never heard a ****ie bird back, WTF ?????

People can be right ****s on Gumtree, but having said that I have meet some nice people too.

I have 6 rules for Gumtree.

1.never ever hold anything for anyone. The person who actually turns up deserves it more.

2. Never give out your address until the last minute, get em to call when they are almost at your suburb, you then at least have an idea that they are serious and you don't want them knowing that they can't come round till 5 as you are at work. You never know who they might be.

3. Gumtree emailers are tightfisted ******s that are too cheap to sms you, so they cannot be serious.

4. Always assume that every inquiry is a tyre kicker, until they are actually at your front door with the cash in hand.

5. You set the terms as to when they can come round, don't drop everything to be there for them, as they will invaribly shaft you by not turning up ( this is a new rule, that I should have learned ages ago, but was beautifully bloody illustrated to me this afternoon). If you have plans and someone calls you up as you are heading out the door, make sure you set the time that suits you not them.

6.Once you have sold it, delete it. The last thing you want is people calling you, don't waste their time and yours.

As far as buying goes I have bought some great things on Gumtree and got some real bargins. But I always say when I will be there and mean it. If I can't make it when I said I would for what ever reason, I will call.

If I view something and then go away to think about it and decide no, I will always contact the seller straight away, just incase they think that I have spoken for it. Not in a weeks time like the clown on here (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who spoke for some stuff of mine on a sunday and said they would collect on Saturday next , only to contact me Friday night to say they had changed his mind. WTF is that all about ??? How would you feel if that happened to you ?

Anyway sorry to vent, but the timing of this thread is germane, given today's frivolities. Rant over .:frusty:

Oh by the way, ****head from Redlands if you are by some miracle a member of QLDAF and you are reading this ? You know what you can do ? :mad2:

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I don't sell much but so far all my Gumtree sales have been fine, met & helped some pretty cool ppl, sent fish to Syd (BN, shrimp & Apistos 2+yrs ago, a few peacocks bout 1.5-2yrs ago), Adelaide more recently (a few Tangs) & no dramas.

Buyin I've had a couple lil "discrepancies" with sellers but was generally sorted on the spot.

Worst one was a bloke advertised a 4ft tank & stand with old Fluval canister for a good price, drove 1.5hrs up to get it but I get there & straight away notice the tank isn't even as long as one of my arms. Friggin 3fter! He tried to argue wit me it was 4ft til I managed to convince him if it was 4ft it should be more than half my height in length, when he realised it was less than half he still wanted full price. Knocked him down to a fair price but I was chasin a 4fter, if I hadn't driven that far I would've left but wasn't the worst deal in the end, just annoying.

I think a lot of you guys n gals closer to the big city get more w@nkers due to population density, more enquiries & possible buyers = more time wasters & tyre kickers whom always seem to stand out due to the annoyance they cause.

I'm sure I'll get plenty of buttplug tyre kickers as I keep breeding & selling but so far all good down here :)

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I'm likin Grubby's set of rules for Gumtree, potential sellers should take note of those I think :)

(Maybe not the email one though, gives me an idea of the person I'm talkin to before I give them my mobi, personal choice though)

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I agree with everything grubby has said.

In regards to this forum everyone who has PMed me via the forum I have had good dealings with.

I have recently had some listings where I have provided my mobile number and the number of bull**** offers and no shows I have had is ridiculous. I do not understand why people contact you when they are not genuinely interested, the ones that arrange a time and don't even bother to let you know they are no longer coming let alone show up are even worse.

I also wish we had a name and shame where you can include their mobile number aswell so you can check the list and block them all with your mobile phone service provider.

When I initially started purchasing fish and goods from "seasoned" trading members on here they were very skeptical and took several steps to ensure I was a genuine buyer and even demanded certain avenues of communication. At the time I thought it was over the top and couldn't understand why it was all necessary.

After selling a few items on here and gumtree I completely understand why all of those rules were put in place by the members I purchased goods off and why you have listed those rules above grubby.

It is definitely setup well for the buyer. This forum has always been great to purchase goods from I have found!!!

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95% good on gumtree, had 1 or 2 idiots, but i found most are very nice, and i get a lot of return buyers from gumtree, had 1 couple who showed up, and we heard the wife say she wasn't paying $5 for a fish that size, the fish was an maingano and 5cm, i was like, wtf? but they left, there loss, about a week later i get a message, they want to come over, then ask for my address, for some reason they never showed up, :pound: 3 times they have contacted me, they must see my ad and just message me, they only ever showed up the first time, they must deleted my message, i just lol when i get there message now, that's why i ask for all buyers to text me, i keep all their numbers and details, never know when you need it,

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Had my share of great buyers and bad experiences both here and on gumtree.

Due to the negative/annoying aspect of selling, I have now written not for sale on all my breeding tanks (some people feign interest in what you have advertised and then proceed to make offers on everything else, then keep ringing at odd times and asking for advice even though they bought nothing) and I am now keeping a customer log so I can keep track of the negative ones/tyrekickers and the positive ones.

I also work in retail, so kind of expect both sides of selling

Just my rant and my number one tip is do not hold anything. First one to show up with the cash gets the deal

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Count your blessings.

I love my troppy hobby & if I do happen to sell something to someone it's a bonus/tax free ,,,worth the odd experience with unsavoury characters.

They're well outweighed by the good times.

I'll say NO MORE on the matter..

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Generally i have found Dumtree users to be a waste of time.

I have had good results, selling tanks in 12 minutes etc but out of the email enquiries i get i would say it's one sale for every 10 messages. Can't understand why they bother TBH. The times i have had the, "Do you still have the fish for sale? I would like to come tomorrow and get some" You respond that yes you can still grab them only to never hear again. WTF!? Why did you even bother messaging me dumbass!? I mean if this happened occasionally you would just brush it off but i have this happen frequently so really can't understand the mentality.

I will still use Dumtree occasionally but generally expect that the majority of enquiries will come from ignorant low lifes with no common courtesy or manners.

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WTF!? Why did you even bother messaging my dumbass!?

Lol, gave me a good laugh.

I have never been a seller on gumtree or eBay. But I am a regular buyer and I ALWAYS turn up if I say I will.

The thing is I never commit to something unless I can pick it up, can afford it, have space for it and really want it.

To me it is common sense and courtesy. I always use the what if the shoe was on the other foot approach. I wouldn't want the same thing happening if I was selling. Unfortunately though common sense is not that common.

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Biggest misnomer ever, "Common sense"

Seems it's anything but common.

But yeah, it's a shame that there are so many inconsiderate people. I guess the anonymity of the internet might have something to do with it but i feel it's probably also a sad sign of the times.

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So looks like most people are happy with gumtree so far, which is good..

personally i have two rules so far.

ONE- once you gim me around your number is save in my phone as ' Time waster 1/2/3' there is no second chance. and if your on QLDAF your added to my ignore list.

TWO - i will not give out my address until you call or message to say im on the road. buyers will have the suburb to plan there trip, they got the street and number when i'm confident they are on there way. If i'm asked for an address befor fish, sizes and prices are discussed, its usually end on conversation.

worse i've had so far is the odd drunk and a couple of buyers rock up with a horde of untamly kids. few buyer have come with sandwich containers rather than buckets.. bags here thou so no big deal .

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Oh another rule, if it is something they have to come back to collect after the initial viewing, ALWAYS GET A DEPOSIT at the bare minimum. If they refuse to hand over a deposit, they are time wasters and you will never see them again. Move on sell it to the next person. Learned that the hard way, not on Gumtree, but on here (you know who you are) I'm sorry to say.

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i have had plenty of good experiences from gumtree buying and selling , i bought baby stuff the other day and the seller even delivered free cause i had no ute or trailer and to save me trying to get it, i have done the same for buyers , met half way or delivered , like everyone else i have had some cheapskate chancers

as for here , again not had any bad experiences , well none that takes the effort to write about , like every site and forum it has its up and downs but luckily i have not came in contact with the downs, the ppl i have dealt with here and gumtree i have kept in touch with quite a few of the fish related ppl :)

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