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At first I thought its likely a form of carbon dosing, where you give bacteria the ability to consume large amounts of nitrate and phosphate.

but after reading this algae report splosht algae report pdf free ebook download where nitrates and phosphates increased after using splosht, it does appear to instead be something that kill algae (hence the released nitrate/phosphate/ammonia).

Its also dropped the tds, so likely has flocculant like functions as well. Altho its likely 'mulm' is then broken up by microbes similar to those in "sludge buster" products already on the market.

I had assumed it was more a bentonite based flocculant.

But after reading this

Trade Mark Details

I am going with a slow release algaecide, perhaps barely straw like...... in combination with a dried sludge eating bacteria blend.

Which is alrite I suppose but you are stuck adding it......... because if you stop....... all those loverly nitrates and phosphates are going to cause one mother of an algae bloom!

The product sure is getting a hammering on the radio advertising.



008 194 974


87 008 194 974

Status ~ Registered

Type ~ Australian Proprietary Company

Class ~ Limited By Shares

Sub Class ~ Proprietary Company

Previous State ~ SA

Reg Number ~ C0082596W

Locality ~ ANGLE VALE SA 5117


SPLOSHT by Marshall & Marshall Pty. Ltd. ACN/ARBN 008 194 974 | Australian Trademark No.1504347 | Australian Online Trademark Filing | Trade marks Australia | Trademarkify |

The website contains a link to the msds sheet.

Which is totally blank.


Don't know if that was on purpose or not, but a weird thing to do.

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Who knew radio advertising could still be so successful in this day and age?

So this product breaks down any algae or sludge into ammonia/nitrate/phosphate........ but just leaves it there in the water.

Its almost a perfect consumable.

Once a customer starts using it.......... they dont dare stop.

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Hey guys, you seem very sceptical about this product…

I bought some at the local IGA for about $16 for my fathers Aquarium and he seems very happy with it. He told me that he doesn't have to do as many water changes.

Application seems simple with the sachet that you just throw in the water every fortnight. Sorry, but I don't really know much about the nitrate or phosphate dynamics, so thought I would just attach the packaging to check out for yourselves:peep:




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Splosht is amazing stuff . I used it on my outside Fishpond which was always full of algae and hard to keep clean. I started using Splosht and after about 2-3 weeks it started to clean up.After 6 weeks it was fantastic and clear.I could see my fish. I have just kept throwing a sachet in every 2 weeks. Best stuff I've ever used.

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Both first posts on splosht.

Interesting to see how it goes long term.

You both seem interested enough to keep buying some every 2 weeks for $16.

And I agree its cheaper than smoking.

I only have one question.

Why the capitals on Aquarium and Fishpond?

Is it a keywords search thing?

Welcome to the forum :D

Will we see you outside of this thread?

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