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I have 5 native gudgeons for sale/ swap for americans/ shrimp or pep bn

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I have 5 native gudgeons for swap or sale . I belive they are flathead gudgeons but i could be wrong but its the closest thing they look like! I will take $35 for all 5 or swap for 100 red cherrie shrimp or 3-4 pep bn or 2 american cichlids around 10 cm



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In my eyes, stripe looks too thin, rostrum too long, tail flap (uropod) not spread enough & body isn't stocky enough to be A. Striolata. His second pic is clearly not a riffle so doubt his others, most likely caught in same waterway won't be the same species.

Happy to be proven wrong though 95% sure it's not a riffle.

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