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This is just an example of natural hybridisation. Fish in different locations are interbreeding with different neighbours as expected. More evidence of how our traditional idea of a species is flawed and this study is based on population genetics (not species). So the title is very misleading.

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Telmatochromis temporalis shows two genetically distinct ecomorphs

Maybe I am reading it wrong but that's what it says?

I couldn't see where it mentions interbreeding or hybrids (mixing of two different species)

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I've kept telmatochromis vittatus

Now there is an interesting tang

There is 4 different types of males

The bigger they are the smaller the gonads

The smallest are sneaker males....pretend to be girls

Males that have one mate, males that have a harem and the biggest that just bullies his way through life

I think the article is saying breeding patterns like this could lead to the emergence of different species?

Mind you I do believe there is a lot of hybridization in tangs

Brevis that have a lyre tail

Brevis with a tail like ornatipinnis


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