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Eheim price increases.

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We received notice today that there is an upcoming price increase with all Eheim items. It is good when a company gives advanced notice on price increases as it allows us to best prepare for it.

Although I would not call it a massive increase it is an increase all the same and is due in about a months time.

Did not want to cause any scare mungering or anything but if you were contemplating something Eheim shortly or if you have something on its last legs you might just want to think about the advised increase and take it into consideration.

As competitive as it is in the market place today it is difficult not to pass on the increase and would think that most retailers may have no alternative to do so.

We would just like to take this opportunity to give everyone the chance to get in before the increase and keep the extra cost it would have cost after the increase in your pockets, wallet or purse.

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