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Aquarium and Pond Expo - Sydney - scaping comp - prize Nano Tank for each entrant.

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Think you could do an amazing effort on a Nano Tank. Here is a chance to get a Aquael Shrimp Set 30 (we sell them for $149) just for entering and showing your talents.

Only open to 30 entrants so be quick and make it awesome - and that is not the only prize going.

Would love to see some QLDAF members have a go and if you do pop a pic back here would be great, I know we have some top scapers here - would like to see what you can do with one.

This is what you will be working with - and taking home with you - Nice!!

Aquael Shrimp Set 30 is a neat Nano tank designed for Shrimp or Planted and comes ready to go.





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