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Hey guys I'm Cameron. After a very serious assault recently my partner and I have gone from no fish to 3 small tanks with a pair of 7cm silver dollars, 7cm electric yellows, 9cm angels and 9cm common bristlenose. We've also got a 15 cm ghost knife, a 10cm tiger Oscar, 2 male fighters, 4 different breeds of tetras and enough feeder fish to last the Oscar all year. All the "couples" (fingers crossed for SDs and angels) are in a 18"×14"×13" tank because they are all around the same size and, for now, the tank doesn't look over crowded or under stocked. The Oscar has his own 15"×9"×9" tank which is a big upgrade from the tiny 11"×9"×5" that he was being kept in by the friend who gave him to us. Upside is the 7 tetras that we have left now live in their own little tank which my 3yo nephew enjoys looking at. The male fighters are in a 9.5"×8"×5" with a partition in the middle. And the feeder fish are going very well in a pond in the garden with a few 4-5cm red claws keeping numbers from exploding and probably some young tadpoles.

There will be a few upgrades before the end of the year including a 4'×2'×2' and a 6'×2'×2'. Eventually I hope to set up a 40' shipping container with air con and floor to ceiling racks with breeding tanks, which will hopefully be fully self contained with solar, batteries and a small generator as a back up and water harvesting off the roof. Also seriously considering a trio of barramundi in their own open top 20' container shortly after that.

Other than fish I've had a serious interest in speedway for the past 2 years, helping 4 teams with repairs and modifications to their 5 falcons ranging from xf to au. But of course always happy to help other people if they need it.

That's about everything about me for now. I'll be continuously lurking on the forums and slowly growing my collection and expanding my knowledge base until I can get back to work, then I'll just be slowly growing my collection and occasionally checking the forums.

Cheers guys.

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