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EOI Yellow Shrimp and Tank

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Okay here's the deal, I'm seeing if anyone is interested in buying a 4 Ft tank divided into 3 for shrimp. It's roughly 1200 by 400 by 450 with different size partitions.

I was going to take the yellow shrimp out and sell them and sell the tank separate. So I put 6 berried females into a fry saver hoping to catch the shrimplets , but no three of them have had their fry and they've gone into the tank through the holes in the net. So now I've got all theses tiny yellow shrimp running around and I couldn't be bothered trying to catch them and maybe kill them.

So I've got around 15 adults at least half big females and no idea how many little shrimplets. I've also got some of that Aqua soil in there and Java moss etc.

One of the partitions has also got around 30 Cherry shrimp in it.

So I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in buying the whole lot including Java Moss and a bit of wood etc for around $250.

It's a good little Shrimp setup, I even had Crystal Reds in there which I've sold.

I can't show photos until tonight because at the moment the sun is behind the tank.

Anyway let me know if you're interested, I'm still not 100% certain I'm going to sell! but probably will! just like I've sold all my Mobas and Mpimbwes etc.

Just PM or text on 0414581593 Theo


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No interest so I'm pulling it from sale, pity, would have been a nice little shrimp factory for someone, there's little baby yellows running around everywhere and there's still 3 females in the net with eggs and I found another 2 with eggs in the tank.

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No sorry, I've decided to keep them now, I've had them a couple of months but they weren't doing all that much, but now all of a sudden they're breeding like Guppies, so I'm going to throw them in a 4 foot tank and just let them go and see what happens.

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