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Is this a form of White Spot or is it Fungal??

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I have these white balls appearing on my fish. It seems to spreading.

I just wanted a confirmation as they DON'T seem to have the symptoms (itching on rocks and substrate, hard breathing, loss of appetite).

It has also been lingering for 3 weeks or so and very gradually getting worse.

All fish in the tank are complete pigs and no major fighting is going on.

I have attached a couple of pics of the Blackbelt (and a Synspilum below it) whom seems to have it the worst.

Should I be putting some salt in the tank, getting white spot remedy or going for some sort of fungal fix (API product maybe?).

Any help is greatly appreciated as i finally have the tank exactly how I want it and don't want to have any massive losses. It is 8x2x2 so will have to treat the whole tank.



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If it looks like an external bacterial or fungal infection I would use triple sulpha. And maybe some salt. Just watch your water parameters because the triple sulpha will affect your biological filter after a week or so, although it bounces back quickly after the end of treatment. Good luck. Hope you get them fixed up.

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Agree that it looks like an external bacterial.

I would hit it with something solid, at the least multicure or sterazin

Also helps I find to try keep temperature around 25 geg C or even lower.

I realise we all just gave totally different advice.

But act now.

These types of bacterial can move very fast indeed.

As to what method to use, google the answers given by people and make your own call.

but yea dont mess around with things like this.

Those are beautiful fish and something like this can kill them very quickly.

Or not.

Thats the problem with these type of bacterials, they can vary A LOT!

Have you recently added feeder fish?

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Thanks guys,

I have started with an anti fungal.

Was going to move onto antibacterial after that.

Tank is sitting at 27 degs and params are good.

What is rate of salt I should use per litre?

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