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Red Kamfa & Red Tex

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One of Bangka's red Kamfa, has improved since I've had him but it's taking to long for my liking... was a very promising fry, has good kamfa shape and semi wrapped fins (dont mind my poor photography skills), both his bro's have pretty good kok... So the genetics should all be there...


Red texas I advertised a month or two back. So far he is Unfaded has lots of pearls.

Parents were sgt & bp

Is missing a bit of his tail fin from when Red beat the crap out of him, but otherwise healthy fish (tail should grow back)

Pic tomorro

$30 each or

Take both this weekend for $50... (Just don't tell finn cause he paid more than 3 times that for the kamfa alone :/ )

(And just to save myself answering some silly questions: These are not community fish they will not be happy in a tank (undivided) with only these two fish!! If you already have a large american display you "may" get away with dropping them in together but I take no responsibility for this)

Pm or sms please 0424263861

Pickup Slacks creek

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Thanks for the fish mate and if I have the spare tank I would take the Texas X as well but no room for him unfortunately. Someone please take that beautiful fish he is stunning.

I hope you enjoy Red, Ryan, he's a nice fish and I'm glad he eventually went to a forever home!

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