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QLDAF ...the big bang

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Yahoo was where the rec.aquaria kids retreated to, after the trolls finally won the great flame wars.

They really were some great wars.

Some people had like 50 socks going at once.

Was glorious!

it was piss funny thinking about it now!!!!!!!

I remember meeting Chris (linktohell) and Kev (Sorroz) on there

picking up a Gal on the way to sydney for a few days to go to the auction and meet some peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh back in the day

and bagging the fish at Kevs place, loading up the car, flying back to Qld, dropping her off at the Gold coast, then jumping on a train n hauling back to my place, never lost a fish

good bagging kev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the melbourne trips,

the sydney trips

the WA trips

cars and bodies did it tuff

Police pulling us over with foam boxes filled up to the roof, covered in foil hahahahahaha

yes officer, they are fish

i promise

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