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FS: Neolamprologus Similis (breeding colony of approx 9) (shellies)

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Hi guys,

Have not been on the forum in years. I have approx. 9 Neolamprologus Similis from Shon that I purchased a while ago now (well over a year and a half ago now - probably even two years ago). They would probably be full grown I am assuming. Females about 3-4cms and males 4-5cms at a guess? Never home to even look at them so this is a rough guess on sizing.

Fish: Breeding colony of Neolamprologus Similis

NOTE: These guys are breeding like rabbits.... With 3 x known pairs in the colony

Included: Some of the shells they come with (chances are they will be hiding in them anyway, so you immediately have the best breeding chances for them)

Quantity: 8 to 10 (exact number I am not too sure but I am pretty certain it is 9).

Price: $180 for the colony + shells they hide in

Reason for selling: Moved and they are still at parents house due to the move and I do not have room in the new place.

Location: Gold Coast

Pick up only as I currently live in Brisbane

These photos are old; but they have basically just grown bigger and better since then :) Assuming the photos are a year or more old? There turned out to be a lovely bigger male in there too, he looks nice.....I will update pics of the male if you wish








Please PM me for any interest - wanting these gone :)



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SOLD TO BAZZ :) Good luck with the fish mate.

Bazz also got himself a handful of green neon tetras :)

That marked the end of my fish keeping...apart from my mrs betta in a vase :(

The similis are settled into their new home its a 4X2X2 will post pics soon.

Thanks for the fish mate!!!

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