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The new tank

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Here are some pics of the tank i was given, as you can see it has pretty bad water stain & i have tried all that was suggested here to remove it & the majority still won't budge :mad2:

Started the tapping of tonight to repaint the green aluminium strip. Going black i recon. Stand will also be getting some tlc & i have a mate building me a hood. So if there is any ideas out there, please feel free to shout em out!!



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Cheap Stainless Steel Wool (non soap type), It does not scratch the glass and it brings up like new. You can also use the same stuff to clean alloy mag wheels too! Here is my tank build up from awhile ago in which i used Stainless Steel Wool on! http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/my-6-foot-build-up-my-americans-48944/

Here is a pic of the wool!


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