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Storage shelf as rack?

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Just wondering if anyone has ever used a basic storage shelf to rack tanks on?

I have this one i got from Officeworks as im a bit short of time to do much else...


Adjustable 9mm MDF board decks on reinforced steel frames

Dimensions: 1226 x 615 x 1830 mm.

Weight Capacity: 350kg per shelf

Plan is to cover the MDF boards with black PVC so they don't get water damaged, foam on that and then start stacking.

Heaviest tank i'd be placing on it would be a 4'x2'x16", roughly 300kg on one of the bottom shelves.

Has anyone ever done this cheap n easy rack or am i taking a bit of a structural gamble?

Should i keep it as 2x90cm High shelves instead of the 6ft height?

Maybe get some 15-20mm board decks?

Let me know if you have any ideas or feedback


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Its pretty solid, and the maximum on the other shelves will be 200 to 250kg, i think it might be ok with it as 2 separate shelves but Im kinda scared to stack it up 6ft.

It does say 350kg per shelf evenly distributed but that thing crashing down would be my worst nightmare haha. Its going to be primarily for guppies, plecos, BN and Cherries so the water level won't be very high, just need that width.

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The shelves are not going to stand up to a lot of water that will invaribly be splashed around, I have a few of these racks for general garage storage and they will turn to wheet-bix, you would need to replace them with 5 ply ($70 a sheet), which adds more weight.

By the time you have bought the ply, had it cut and fitted plus the cost of the unit, you could have bought a good 2nd hand set up . My 3 tier steel breeding rack only set me back $150 from a fellow QLDAF member, its strong, I have 100% confidence in it. You will always have a doubt in the back of your mind... will my bunnings shelf hold??

Even the rackit system is known to bow.

There are always good quality metal welded racks coming up on here or gumtree. Its worth the wait and the cost.

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Looks tidy aquaholic but not long enough.

Might give it a go as 2 shelves cos it is a lot sturdier than any shed shelf I've owned. Just don't trust it at 6ft.

I would like to weld one up or build one of timber, I just can't find the time.

See how I go after I prep the tanks and I'll post a Pic of how I went.

Cheers for the input people :-)

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I myself was thinking of the rackit stands for a quick set up, for the overflow of fry.

But as grabby stated. Is it worth the risk? It's not worth the stress in my opinion.

I came to the realization it's worth doing right.

I spent 3 - 4 hours designing and building my emergency rack

Well worth the extra time and peace of mind

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That rack is probably strong enough but you need to stop sideways sway. Even a child leaning on it would topple it sideways. It's not a question of up-down strength. You just need to attach some braces.

Yep sideways sway will be the biggest problem these things are made to take up down weight but are hopeless at sideways pressure, definitely don't over look that and brace it

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