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Ok...so i have a 840 litre tank that we are setting up as marine. I have an Aqua one 2700 lpf canister. I know a sump would be highly beneficial, however after costing the necessary bits & pieces. It would cost about the same for a new canister.

Would 2 canisters + wavemakers / internal filter or 2 be sufficient. Looking at live rock & fish with a sand substrate at this time?


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I always have the same question......... what about the skimmer?

Other than that, with some planning you can use canisters on marine.

It just when you want to go reef that it gets complicated........ and at that stage, getting it drilled is rarely an option.

If you go ahead, be sure to keep on top of maintence.

If you get lazy using canisters, you can find yourself in nitrate/phosphate hell.

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