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glass catfish, neone tetra, khuli loaches, albino bristlenose, 3 angelfish

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Hi, I am breaking down my tropical fish tank to reduce the number of tanks I have, so want to find homes for the stock.

Looking for good homes for the following

5 large glass catfish - need to go as a group

5 neon tetras

2 khuli loaches

1 medium size albino bristlenose

3 large angelfish - 1 black and white veiltale, 2 koi angels. The largest Koi angel needs to go separately to the other two fish as they are fighting with him. Angels will need at least a 3 foot tank

I have also posted the angelfish in the cichlid section so please look there for photos.

I live in South west Brisbane - please pm if interested.

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That's a fair drive [MENTION=9215]dragonboy69[/MENTION]


lol yes it is. But I have mates that live in QLD whom I'm sure can ship for me [MENTION=1584]Fish Junkie[/MENTION]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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