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Hey Richard...my 3 faves have to be the malawi trout,malawi hawk and yep the spilos...but the malawi hawk does it for me...when big and all coloured up...the boys are an awesome sight especially in dark tanks which they love(being ambush predators) plus they dont seem to rip each other apart like some of the other haps...if you can sit still for 5 minutes after chucking in some feed...you get an awesome show..its like you sneaked a peek into the lake itself...such a cool reclusive fish..but each to their own...heres some snaps of some of my old guys..


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hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... a top 10 still misses a lot I really like.

Champsochromis Spilo

Fossochromis Rostoratus

Copadichromis sp. midnight mloto

Protomelas taeniolatus

Sciaenochromis fryeri

Otopharynx lithobate

Protomelas virgatus

Nimbochromis venustus

Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"

Letrinops “Red Cape Itungi”

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