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The MuF

2ft Dutch Scape

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Hey guys

I just got a new tank, looking at making this one a dutch scape!


58L 30D 41H

Light: 18w GroLux

Substrate: Amazonia Aquasoil

Filters: Currently a 300lph HOB unit, also have a tiny 150lph internal, 380lph internal with spray bar and some other bigger filters...

Fauna: 1x Honey Gourami, 1x Ottocinclus, bunch of Pacific blue eyes, bunch of red cherry shrimp and snails....ugh.

Flora: HM, Ambulia, Java Moss, not sure on these but im guessing Ludwigia Repens and Hygrophila Polysperma

C02: DIY

Currently this is all running in my current 2ft (not as tall) which I will be replacing with the new tank.

I am looking at getting some red plants (suggestions???) and was wondering if my lighting will be enough.

Also does anyone have any suggestions for increasing the "depth" of soil at the back of the tank? (rather than using the precious aquasoil, using sand or rocks or something to add height)

My 2 favorite shots of my current setup :)



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