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I have just taught myself how to cut glass.Piece of piss, provided you have a good oil filled glass cutter, a set square and wet, glass proof gloves, safety google( not really but they say you should) and dry sand paper, I do all my cutting on a piece of core flute. I used to be scared to cut glass and my first couple of attempts were a disaster but then I bought a good glass cutter and watch a few Youtube vids. No worries.

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Acrylic will bend, get scratched and go opaque over time. If your making an acrylic lid, add some perpendicular ribs to stop the bowing.

If you have the time to design your lids, I would recommend 2 piece sliding lids (whether glass or acrylic) and if you go 45 :55 ratio you will hardly ever need to take a lid off.

And if you have large fish that jump, go heavy and drill a feed hole.

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my first couple of attempts were a disaster

Yep ,I can relate to that.

Been dabbling in making /repairing tanks for some time now.

Like Grubby it was doubtful territory to start with ,but

just like marriage , you get the hang of it after a while.

Practice makes (almost ) perfect.

As I kept trying I found I needed other things to go with my diamond tipped el cheapo cutter on Ebay for $1.50 , .Also bought other silicon carbide types but I like the el cheapo best.

Got a pair of glass pliers/snips from a member at Bethania (forget name)(thanks again tho) when I was buying BN. Use those on narrow breaks.

Then later on got some diamond grinding bits from a site called uxcell.com(Great site UXCELL.COM try it,buy most anything) (5 for $5) to fit my Dremel .Cleans up the edges real good.

Here's my latest work of art ,just put together this morning from glass I've collected here & there. No display tank by any means but it'll do me 90 x 45 x 40 Yet to put a brace across the middle.

Held together with Selley's glass silicone $10.50 from Bunnings (Aquarium safe, excellent, lasts well in tube without becoming solid). Good for about 4-6 fair size tanks.

Have a go & make some custom tanks


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