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Garage sale!

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Garage sale this Sunday 16th on Rabaul Street Moorooka. (Ill post the house number right before the sale). Starts at 7am to whenever I run out of stuff!

Nano Tanks



Pendant Halides

1/15 Horsepower Chiller

Hanna Checkers

Test Kits

Reef Supplements


Internal Filters (All Eheim!)




Dog Stuff

Cat Stuff

and of course the usual household things, even some car parts, fishing gear and video games.

I used to work for one of biggest aquarium shops and then one of the largest australian wholesalers so I have lots of near-new and slightly used gear. Sadly we need to downsize (will be buying a house soon) and I figure this is the best way to do it. Please stop by and I hope that you will find something you need! I've got 5x 50L bins of bits and pieces that need a home!

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Hi guys,

I've sent the text out to a few of my friends that also want to move some goods. One of my girlies said that she has a few tanks (one a 6footer) and a never used sand filter she will bring by. She is going to give me dimensions, prices and the rest of the deets soon, so I'll make sure that I update!

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*bump* so you have some time to make your weekend plans!

Damn trying to upload pics from my phone. Oh well- just cleaned out the library:

Marine chemistry - brightwell

Coral reef fishes - lieske (good for fishing too)

Diseases in marine fish - basleer

Ofi educational publications 1-6 complete set

Inverts a quick reference - sprung

Aquarium corals - borneman (this is the hot item)

Colour guide of tropical fish diseases - basleer

I must warn, some of these books are hard to get and I will sell literature fairly but not cheaply. :) I really hope the books go to good homes! This is a to die for beginners library (or even to the advanced)

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Ok the address is

Hope to see you there. I'm behind so I'll be pricing at midnight :( but will be up and chipper for a 7am start.

I won't have time to answer all my private messages. Thank you for all your interest. As a FAQ - I will only be doing this tomorrow from 7-2. I'm sorry that you have to work or live far away but this was the best time that I could do. I won't be holding stock as that is unfair to the people who can make it and I want to make it wNo worries. I'll give you a call when we leave. We can still meet at my house or anytime this week that suits you!orth their while. Yes, a lot of this is $2 and $5 supplements and such but I do want everyone to be able to find a gem of their own whilst here.

So once again thank you for your interest! I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!

Edit - just found a kamoer dosing pump and a sicce minu led light!

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The nano stuff was picked over this morning but lots of entry level reef stuff left. See my earlier post about space needs :)

I don't want to pack this stuff back up, so please don't be shy and make me an offer! Happy to entertain the thought on all offers. The boxes of nitrofurazone are still here lol!

I'll be here until 2pm! Discounts for those who bring me hot cheeseburgers ;)

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