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Kusuri Wormer Plus

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I have been using this product for a while now on all my stock I was a bit worried about my shrimp tanks though but I took a punt

I was loosing shrimp will this solved my problems I use a half dose with shrimp tanks and full dose with fish tanks every 6 weeks

had snail problem that,s all gone now and no itch ever, baby Fronies love this stuff you could buy 1cm Fronies and never worry about fluke.

Plants are all fine, and you will notice that fry will grow a lot quicker apposed to using other wormers and parasite medications i think some the others put your fish into a state of shock.

Introduction of new fish could not be easier just introduce around the same time as a treatment and quarantine tanks could become a thing of the past, I still quarantine only due to I have been doing it for years but really don,t have too anymore.

Please I would like to hear other peoples review and experience with this product. I know It is hard to get but it,s on Ebay for those that are interested

I would also like some feedback from Donny on this one with why it has not killed my shrimp and they are doing well, when I think they are closely related to parasites/worms not too sure though.

This is just my experience and loss of fish now is almost nil.

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Yeah most effective diffidently, when i say hard to get i should have been a little bit more specific, it,s not in your everyday pet stores in south side area I went to all pet and aquarium stores down here no luck, I spouse it,s just easier getting it from Ebay. Don,t have wast petrol looking for it or heaps of phone calls.

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