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Welcome to QLD aquaraium forum Mocha :D

Plenty help here , check out the trader section someone will be able to help you out.

And so i dont have to hassle you later on, can ya put a location in ya profile, so we know where ya are :D

Have fun and dont forget to drop into chat sometime... 8)

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Hello & welcome aboard.

Hi Mocha,

Welcome to the forum. As well as the classifieds, check out the breeders register listings for a breeder in your location. You might also wish to come along to the Brisbane Superauction on Saturday week 21 July.

Cheers, Doug

Why do they always have the winter auction on when a major sporting event is on. I have to watch the AB's v Aussie.

Frenchy :D

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Hi ! Welcome to the forum. Where is your location (you may want to add it to your profile). If you are around the Brisbane/Redlands area, I can give you the name of a breeder who sells excellent quality EYs for quite cheap

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