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electric yellow holding.

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I have a female electric yellow holding.

I moved her into a tank with a small shy ellioti about 3cm, a very small julidochromis transcriptus 2cm and a ****feldi about 4-5cm.

I have a back wall completely stacked with lava rocks.

She has given me offspring before as she was holding when I purchased her.

so my Question: will she spit with these fish in the tank.

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hold the female gently but firmly so she cant wiggle in your hand and use your fingernail to hold her mouth open being careful not to open too far as you can dislocate her jaw then slowly pull her backwards in the water and the babies should be pulled out by the current.

We strip our fish at 7-9 days and put them into a small container with an air stone but being that this is your first time i would leave it till about 14 days and they should be free swimming babies. Then put them into a small tank with water from the tank the female is in and add a sponge filter or at least an airstone and do 25% water change every 2-3 days.

with the sponge filter it is a god idea to put it into a tank now so that it can get some good bacteria in it that will lessen the risk of it being a new tank and going through a cycle effectivly killing the babies.

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