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Aquarium club benefits

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I'm a member of QCG Queensland Cichlid Group

Because I keep Cichlids. But there's clubs out there for all types of fish

And I thought I knew a lot about fish but I've learned so much since joining

Made some amazing friends who can talk fish all night

Been to some great places including interstate and soon even overseas

Get to be a part of a great club and learn

About how auctions work. Fish judging. Enter fish in completions ( win cash )

Have talks on filters fish rooms making tanks diseases etc

We have club sponsors who give discounts on shop sales

You can sell your fish @ the auctions

It's all first hand experience without the BS. and it's face to face

Anyone can read the internet. Anyone can post on the internet. Right or wrong

There's no filter for wrong answers or misguided information

Half the stuff I read on any forum. FB. or google page is not how I would do things

And normally you only get one choice

The clubs members have been there and done that and could give heaps of different

ways to answer a question you may have

You are also welcome to attend any of the clubs meeting as a guest the first couple of times

just to see if you like it. And yes you can bring your partner. I think you'll be surprised how

many couples are members and just how many woman are in fish clubs

I could go on. ..............

In summary I just wanted to put it out there that clubs are very beneficial to everyone and

That your crazy IMO not to join one

It's cheaper than you think

All clubs can be found in there own section on this forum. With full contact details


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Hey FJ,

Hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread but I recently went to my first Betta Australis meeting last month. I'll be completely honest, I was a bit intimidated and very hesitant to go. I wanted my own unique line and a bit of experience under my belt before I mingled with the experts. I thought it would be full of fanatic fish enthusiasts that would put me to the stake after finding that one of my females had jumped out of her tank.

Turns out I already had seen/met half the members at auctions ect, and everyone made me feel pretty welcome. There is a bit of business discussed, but it seems more like a social event where you can just talk about things you love with other people who love the same thing. Someone had even brought along a cake and snacks. I know that I've been blacklisted for talking about fish at home, so I'm always on the hunt for anyone who is willing to lend an ear so I can gladly chewed it off with fish stuff :D

Although the meeting times kinda clash with my job, I'll try to attend another meeting and would definitely recommend anyone who is a bit hesitant or intimidated to go along to an event and check it out!

Unfortunately, there isn't a catfish club :P

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I'm with you guys, clubs are great, I agree with all of your comments about the benefits.

Unfortunately I've been working nights and weekends for the last 5 years and haven't been able to be an active club member or attend auctions etc. But prior to that I had been an active member of clubs for many years starting back in the 1980's with the Bayside Aquarium Society which had monthly meetings at a school at Wellington Point. Out of interest, Russ from Redlands Pet Centre was also a club member at that time. Prior to moving to the Gold Coast 20 years ago and joining the Gold Coast aquarium Society, I was a member of Qld Cichlid Group for quite a few years.

Unfortunately, the age of online forums, facebook etc has had a marked effect on many clubs. People just don't seem to have or want to find the time to physically go to meetings. I know the Gold Coast aquarium Society has suffered badly from this in recent times.

But trust me, make the effort and you will be repaid in full. I can't wait until I'm old enough to retire in a few years and start getting involved again.

Cheers, Doug

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As said great tings to come from clubs freinds advice fish that you dont find anywhere else.I dont make it to as many as i used to which is a shame.For me its a lot easier to talk face to face than type out a convo on a forum.

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Agreed, I'm with ANGFA and QAH and have learnt heaps by being involved - not to mention the generosity many club members have with sharing anything they've got extras of as well as their experience. Both of those clubs put on a Christmas feed that was worth more on its own than what I paid for a years membership :eyebrows:.

I wouldn't say the internet has caused a decline in club attendance, we've had an increase in numbers for ANGFA our Bribie Island trip had at least 45 people show up! The biggest hassle is getting people to chip in and help out, but all up tons of fun.

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I first join the Cichlid group over 10 years ago and only went to a couple of meetings

I was very new not to fish keeping but the whole club sene and was put off

They were all so friendly and knowledgeable and older I just didn't know where to start

Everyone was talking Latin names and I went and sat by myself

I felt silly for not knowing much and at the time I only had two tanks

Thinking back rather than being put off that should have been my Que.

To get in there and learn as much as I could.

I really feel I missed out on 10 years of being in a club

The old if I knew then what I knew now syndrome

I also feel the QCG and clubs in general are not like that anymore there's a lot more younger members

And a lot more of a warm welcome and HTH approach


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Been going to gcas angfa and qcg on and off for about 15 years met and learnt heeps and try to help out with info sessions eg planted tanks breeding dwarf americans and all sep of catties also organized trips to wholesalers/importers.

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My mates and I used to get our parents to drop us off to club meets, and we'd ride our pushies to open fish room BBQ socials.

The only school aged young folk these days come with their parents... damned rock spiders....

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Agree with everything being said.

As one of only a couple of people that are members of all the Brisbane based clubs I would not know what to do with myself without the clubs.

I am a member of A.N.G.F.A., Betta Australis, Q.A.H. and Q.C.G. and Treasurer for Q.A.H. and Q.F.A.S.

If you are interested in joining any of the clubs check out this thread http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qldaf-events-calendar-announcements-38/queensland-clubs-meeting-nights-88428/

or just approach any of the club members wearing their club shirts at the auction Saturday night.

I am sure there will be some membership forms there as well.

I love the social outings, the shows , the auctions, the creeking trips and the meetings.

Get to talk to so many interesting people and you are always learning something.


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