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Finally back in the game after a 4 year break

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Hey guys, I am finally back into cichlids from a 4 year stint since I have moved to Townsville from the sunnycoast, my old handle was brad2828 I believe.

nearly have my new custom 5x2x2 setup complete. cost me a small fortune but its far from a pet shop style timber pine set up. what do you reckon.

I have from what the builder tells me a pretty decent bio filtration sump with a 4200l/p hour pump.

I got a lot of little extras put on like stainless hinges, soft touch opening doors, polished glass edges, quick release tap water change function .

And hopefully if all goes to plan my 5 wild caught Moba frontosa to arrive this Thursday :)






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pardon the goldfish haha. just needed to get the tank cycled and was the cheapest fish I could find. they might make a nice snack for the moba maybe.

The black pipe you see in the tank is a quick water change tap I got installed so once I get it all organised I should just be able to hook a hose up to the tap underneath and empty and re fill the water changes that way. going to try and have some sort of water filter hooked up to the tap also to eliminate chlorine and what not :)

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cheers mate, im pretty happy with it. I had a budget to start off with and it just kept getting blown out :P as I woulnt have been happy in the long run skimping on things.

Now ive just got to try and find some suitable tank mates for the moba that wont nip there nice long fins. just need something to livin the tank up I reckon.

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Thanks gollys, me too, I like the look of the new style tanks, they are almost part of the furniture in the house.

Now I just have to aqua scape it. I hate having do that lol. I think I will just buy some large cool looking rocks from a landscape place as the pet shops want upwards of 100 dollars a piece for a big rock and I just cant justify spending $500 on rocks haha

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cheers gotzy ill give that a go. hopefully ill walk out of there with lots of nice rock :) I was actually thinking about going up to crystal creek and grabbing some of that nice big river rock fromthe river beds, im pretty sure that would be frowned upon and illegal lol but only illegal if you get caught ;)

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hey mate cant really beat your tank or choice of occupants, be careful of overstocking it if your goal is fronts. you can have an awesome display and a breeding setup in my eyes.

you would be best with 1 male - 4 female moba, as long as you dont lose that male to random fish keeping torments.

what are your plans on feeding these guys? do you have any local advice/support up there?



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sorry bout the late reply guys been hectic lately,

* thanks goldenswimmers that's definitely a good idea :) have one male black calvus in there with them now and working on sourcing some more calvus and comps. great photo by the way.

* Qldmick - Im just feeding them new life spectrum thera a 3mm pellets, they seem to love it and will just give them Mysis, blood worms ect as a treat everynow and again I reckon.

*Aenek1 - hows things adam, long time no see, yeah I moved up to bogansville nearly 4 years ago now. just for work really as the building industry wasn't all that flash down there. seems to be pickin up now. you still living down that way ? haven't set up your shipping container fish room again?

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