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Fire fin comps trio

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Hi these are the last of the fire fins I have. I brought about 20-25 of these up from Melbourne bout 15 months ago I Sold about 10 of these to bulldrag about 14 months ago and swapped most of the rest of them with petfish for a beaut tank he built me. I have 3 left which I believe are m/f/f as two are always in a barnacle cluster. One of the females has a popped jaw from eating cherry shrimp when it was younger but is not genetic and will not affect its breeding. The other female is perfect and always in the barnacle cluster and the male is stunning. Included for $200 is the barnacle cluster which cost $20-30 alone. So there fore these are the brothers and sisters (same bloodline) as Mitch O and bulldrags. Thanks. Mark

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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