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Golden perch/yellowbelly

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Chasing a golden perch in the vicinity of 10-20cm for my natives tank.

If anyone has one for sale or knows where I could get one your help would be appreciated.

Haven't had much luck finding one of this size in the aquarium trade.

Text or email would be best (travvis1234@gmail.com)


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probably could talk to Matt at SEQ Fish, he might know where there's some at that size. otherwise buy one small and feed it live food till its big enough to fit in with your bigger fish, not the most popular aquarium fish, most prefer live feeders to pellets, their pretty good at sitting around and eating while your not watching but still worth it for us fishermen. Natfish at Grafton had a large specimen last i new, feed on frozen prawns etc. in a pretty small tank.

hope i could be of some help.



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Is SEQ fish open to selling only a few fingerlings at a time? I'm looking for a few natives that you just can't buy at reasonable prices around here at the moment. Like to buy a couple of yellow belly, some silvers, eel tails ect. I wanted to go to seq fish but didn't know if they would be open to small jobs.

If you are looking to Murray's Clifford then yippeio in browns plains have them in at about 10cm pretty frequently. You will probably want to call ahead though and check, they might need to order new ones in as I think their last ones got too big before they were all bought

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