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Cheers from down south

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OK I admit I only joined to chase down some shrimp... but then I spent about 4 hours reading post after post with some very big inspiring tanks. Decades ago I had a breeding pair of Jags but now I'm more about prissy planted tanks and flying the flag for native plants and smaller Australian native fish and inverts.

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Any friend of congos is a friend of mine!


Hey welcome, have you thought about changing those halides to LED spots? There are some great ones on the market these days that use nowehere near the juice of Metal halides.

The idea has my attention...but I figure with LEDs I'll still want 200W of LED over the tank compared to the 450Watts I'm burning now... and at 6 hours a day thats only $180 per year I'm "wasting" ... I'll likely spend more than that just buying the LEDs ... so using what I have already is cost neutral :egrin: I have an unused set of halide bulbs in the cupboard too ... so I figure in another 12-18 months when they are used up might be a good time to invest in LED which should be cheaper than now.

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