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Best online plant shopping?

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G'day Andrew, good to see you back in the game.

The two main ones I use are:

Liverpool Creek Aquariums


Also the QLDAF aquatic plant trader is worth a look as there's plenty of bargains and a lot of sellers are willing to post.

Aquatic Plant Trader



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Well well well..... hey mate. It's been a long time. How's your memory it's Jason that used to work at Aquarama at Stafford.

I keep in contact with Mick from Rocky and I asked about you and he said you were working overseas the last he heard.

I've used Liverpool Creek Aquariums a few times for larger orders and cannot recommend enough. Great service, price and quick delivery.

Keep in touch.


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Dave there is sensational, service top notch and prices very reasonable. You will always end up with more than you order.

Haven't had good experiences with any other online plant retailers but fotunately if i haven't been able to get what i'm looking for from Dave i have usually been able to find sellers in the Aquatic Plant Trader

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