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Plenty of African Display Fish 1/cm

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Have some larger display fish up for grabs.

Still keeping some but just what i need for breeding.

All will be $1/cm and all are good quality.

Sizes are as follows,

Icebergs Males

5 x 14cm

2 x 13cm

5 x 12cm

3 x 11cm

1 x 9cm

Hongi Males

1 x 13cm

2 x 10cm

Yellows - Would likely be mostly males (a dozen or more holding females were removed from this lot)

2 x 11cm

11 x 10cm (+1 x 10cm "weird" color, but not bad color)

13 x 9cm

11 x 8cm

5 x 7cm

Pick up in Warwick is the only option at this stage.

Looking to pay the parents and the bank but might be interested in a school of Clown Loaches, a larger red tailed black shark (or 3), or maybe 3 or so albino rainbow sharks but can't say i'm after random trades.

older pic, but i wont be taking any new ones, Iceberg males are next gen down from these, yellows contain both fish from the pic(dougs stock) and their next generation young.


Thanks Mick

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approx the biggest 6 icebergs, biggest 8 yellows and biggest hongi listed gone to the local pet shop, rest still available. wouldnt be a bad idea to shut the tank down for winter, these arnt the most expensive display fish going around so come and grab them. still chasing a few clown loaches of any size.



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