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WTB "Rare" Plants

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Hi guys, I am looking for the following species. I am aware that some of them may not even be in the country but it doesn't hurt to ask. I also know some/most aren't actually rare. Please PM me if you would like to sell me any specimens. I can pay for postage.

Thanks very much,

Stefan :D

Aciotis acuminifolia

Ammannia baccifera

Ammannia praetermissa/Nesaea sp. 'red'

Aponogeton tofus

Aponogeton ulvaceus

Aponogeton vanbruggenii

Blyxa alternifolia or other long stemmed Blyxa

Centrolepis banksii

Cryptocoryne affinis red

Cryptocoryne affinis red metallic

Cryptocoryne bullosa

Cryptocoryne flamingo

Cryptocoryne hudoroi

Cryptocoryne keei

Cryptocoryne minima

Cryptocoryne striolata

Cryptocoryne thwaitesii

Cryptocoryne uenoi

Any Crypt that looks similar to any of the above, especially if red or bullated

Cuphea anagalloidea [bacopa sp. 'Red', Rotala sp. ' Araguaia' (erroneous), not Bacopa salzmannii]

Glossostigma diandrum

Hygrophila Araguaia

Hygrophila sp. 'Red'

Landoltia punctata / Spirodela punctata

Limnophila Repens "Mini"

Lindernia sp. 'India'

Ludwigia brevipes (not arcuata)

Ludwigia sedoides

Ludwigia sphaerocarpa

Marsilea hirsuta

Micro Pellia (not mini)

Mini Bolbitis

Moss Fissidens Mini QLD/Sydney

Moss Fissidens Phoenix Asia/US

Moss Flame

Moss Pearl

Moss Plagiomnium or "star" or similar

Myriophyllum tuberculatum

Najas roraima

Nymphaea elleniae

Nesaea crassicaulis

Persicaria sp. 'Kawagoeanum'/ Polygonum sp. 'Pink'

Persicaria praetermissa

Persicaria Sao Paulo

Pogostemon helferi (from CO2 submersed)

Ranunculus inundatus

Rotala indica (AKA Ammannia Bonsai - not "Pink Baby Tears" rotundifolia)

Rotala macranda red narrow leaf ("magenta"?) (not normal Macranda "Red" or "Mini Butterfly")

Rotala mexicana Goias

Rotala mexicana Belem

Rotala wallichii "Long leaf"

Utricularia graminifolia

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I will the following available in a month/two's time if you are in no rush to collect the plants:

(all are propagated/mounted on a 3.5x3.5cm piece of slate or sandstone. $25 each, express shipping available for $10)



-unidentified moss (similar but finer fronds to willow moss)

-Mt Glorious fissiden

I do have native mini-bolbitis but at the rate it grows, I think it may be 10 years before I can propagate a decent colony. Also available in a month or two are portions of christmas, taiwan, flame & peacock moss at varying prices. Send me in a PM or text (0435 158 916) roughly around then if still interested & I can see if I can help you out.

pics of the mosses:

mini-fissiden propagated on mesh


unidentified moss


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