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Foai and Furcifer colonies for sale: will consider swaps for rare haps in colonies

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EOI: Foai and Furcifer colonies for sale: (will consider swaps for rare haps in colonies for breeding)

Wild Caught Foai Kapampa 2m 4f, 12 - 16cm - RARE

male wants to breed but not for me. There is F1 fry around Oz from this colony.


German Import Foai Mutondwe 2m 2f most likely (could be 1m 3f though) 12 - 15cm - RARE

male wants to breed but not for me.


Furcifer Ndole Bay 4m 4f, 10 - 12cm

breeding well and fry to prove. 1 female only has 1 eye but still breeds


Also Furcifer Katoto could be on the cards for sale but only have 3 females here atm and have sold plenty of fry from them. Waiting on a reply but welcome to show interest. Females will be $180 for the 3 - 12cm. I have a mate with the male parent for these fish willing to sell to me but he was offered this colony first as there RARE as well.

Size is by estimate

pics on request for serious buyers...

Regretful sale but I'm needing a change and the haps are my new venture.

Would like GONE sooner then later so I don't regret my decision

Pick up Kallangur

Shipping available through Qantas freight at buyers cost and risk. I've shipped plenty of times before and everything will be packed properly for shipping but there is always a slight chance something maybe happen. Doubtful but there still is a chance.

Advertised elsewhere

Pics are of the males which were in breeding mode.


WC Foai Kapampa Male


German Foai Mutondwe


Furcifer Ndole Bay


Furcifer Katoto


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Hey mate, bit of a noob question but are these guys only really suited to sand as a substrate ? as i have fine white calcium carbonate chips as substrate, ive always been curious if that's much of a problem. im aware that they are sandsifters and make a bit of a nest in the sand when breeding?

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I've housed bigger furcifer / foai in with frontosa before. they work in general but I've heard on the odd occasion a nut case frontosa will have a crack lol. My furcifer used to crack at the frontosa when he was in breeding mode and they were around his pit lol.

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Furcifers can dig a pit just as easy in calcium carbonate as they can in sand. I never had any problems with them on calcium carbonate.

I had a pair in a 4 by 2 by 2 with 4 inches of Calcium carbonate, I could completely flatten his pit and within half an hour he'd have the whole tank turned into a pit again.

Oh, and I bred heaps and sent their fry all around Australia.

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