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FOR SALE Beginners Marine Nano Tank Setup with everything included for $380!!

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Included: 46L Boyu MH-400 Marine Aquarium and Stand

Protien Skimmer


Return Pump

3500lph Aqua One Wavemaker

Twin T5 Bulbs 1 white 1 actinic

Live sand

Live rock and base rock (lots of purple Coraline algae and different things growing off the live rock so its proven to be healthy)

1x Green Bubbletip Anemone

2x different species of snails (cleanup crew)

2x Brittle Starfish

1x Lobo Coral

1x Toxic Green Hammer coral

1x Blasto coral

1x Purple/Green Branching Hammer coral

1x Purple Morph

3x Green Morphs

It also comes with:

Half container of Reef Builder

Almost full bottle of Reef Energy B

3/4 full bucket of reef salt

Breeding box (to breed fish or to place the anemone in it with a rock to attach itself to)

Marine Mix Fish Food

Vegetarian fish flakes with garlic

Full bottle of immune garlic oil (boosts fish immune systems and helps to feed fussy fish)

API Saltwater Master Test Kit (all full bottles) RRP $60

Specific Gravity Tester

Everything you could possibly need for a marine setup. I am getting out of the fish hobby and just want this gone so I am selling this entire setup for $380.

I also have a Hailea 150a chiller up for sale for $120. This chiller is designed to run on tanks of up to 150L so it works very efficiently on this tank. I would suggest getting a cooling system for this tank as it can get quite hot from all the equipment running.

Located Nerang. Please PM me if interested or text/call 0435755007






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