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140 litre tropical newbie with newbie questions!

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Hi all,

I've just joined here hoping to find some folks who enjoy staring at fish like I do, and I'm certain to find people with more knowledge!

I've had fish of one type or another on and off for years - but currently have 3 small ponds outside with a couple of gold fish or fan tails in each, and inside I have a 140 litre tropical set up, which I've had going in its current format for about a year or so.

I've made just about every newbie mistake possible, but am slowly learning.

My tank is currently stocked with a combination of plastic and real plants, has lights and a Cascade 700 filter, and a new Eheim 100 watt heater (just replaced the old Aqua One).

My residents are: 1 Swordtail male, 2 Swordtail females, 2 male and 2 female Platies, 1 clown loach (there's one of those newbie mistakes - he is small now, but I realise the tank is too small for him!), 10 neon tetras and 1 new Dwarf Gourami (a blue colour - think s/he is a coral?). I'd like to add about 4 - 6 guppies, but I'm not sure if the tank will hold them - any advice?

I've had guppies previously, but also had an angel fish who attacked them. Salt, the angel, has just died after 7 years, so I've swapped to the Gourami, which seems more of a community fish. Let me know if I'm wrong!

My other issue currently is a huge number of what I think are Malaysian trumpet snails, which rode into my tank in some plants (from a 'reputable' aquarium shop too! very disappointing!). They've gone completely mad breeding all the time, and I've read conflicting advice on the net about whether they are a problem I should get rid of, that they are great an won't hurt the plants but are over-breeding because I'm over feeding etc... help? Anyone know the truth about these things?

I also love Bettas, but don't currently have any - thinking of setting up another tank with one of them sometime soon as they're fantastic company (grumpy little things).

Cheers and thanks for any advice you can provide re stocking levels and snails! and sorry for LONG first post!


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Thanks Chris - I was worried about adding the loaches due to their size, and am also a bit concerned about overloading the tank too :) I've been scooping the snails out with a net and throwing them into the outside ponds for the shubunkins to gobble, but have also tried 'lettuce' traps etc... there just always seems to be so many more of them!

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