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Bakki Rods Bacteria House - Bio Media Now in Stock.

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Had a number of requests for these and decided to get them in...hmmm pretty cool Bakki Rods. Cheaper for 10 plus units.

The Bacteria house is made of ceramic that has been heat treated at 1300°c for 60hrs. This tremendous amount of heat causes the ceramic to break its internal bonds thereby creating an extremely porous structure that has a much greater surface to allow very large bacteria populations to colonise.

Due to the large quantities of tiny holes, mechanical filtration is also achieved. Large organic solids and decaying matter are degraded at a far greater speed than conventional media, and maintain the optimum ecological balance of aquarium.

Bacteria house is not made of calcium and as such will not erode and thus does not need maintaining, the bacteria house contains minerals and trace elements which is beneficial to aquarium life.


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would the mini version be somewhat similar in size to the marinepure sphere's ?? if so that would be my only reason for wanting biohome as you can fit ALOT more into trays than the spheres.

They should be considerably smaller and when they come in will take a photo of both side by side to get a better idea.

Sorry [MENTION=11301]Lictoga[/MENTION] - should have had the link up that had the pricing.

Here is the link.

Bakki Rods have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps

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