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help converting tank! :)

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hey all :D

so im turning my 4ft tropical into a african tank, ive got a 3ft african tank so i know how it all works, just they are out growing the 3ft so im putting them in the 4ft. only problem is my 4ft is set up as a tropical atm and its ph is at a 6.5, so what would be the best way to raise it to a 8, WITHOUT the use of chemicals?

i was thinking throw a 5kg bag of crushed coral and around 40kg or play sand?

would that work? or would i need more crushed coral, i have plenty of time so it doesnt need to rise too fast. just needs to get there and stay there...

also would it be okay if i left the drift wood in there or should i take it out, because ive read that it lowers the ph....

thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated

roy :)

p.s ill have angels, silver sharks, gouramis and corys for sale soon

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Crushed coral and all the other lime based stuff like shell grit, or crushed oyster shells that sort of stuff. I currently use the shell grit chook food additive you buy at produce stores, it just needs a good wash first. A good hand full per 300mm square area. But do it over a few days if there are fish in there, or add it to your filter substrate slowly, don't over do it or you could be taking it all out after a few weeks. Driftwood is ok, the shell grit trying to raise it and the driftwood trying to lower it and they sort of balance themselves out, just needs a bit of tweaking once it stabilizes, natural buffers for both directions.

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Your going to empty the tank arn't you?

empty tank, clean glass, add new sand type substrate, ( coral sand, limestone, shells, coral chunks what ever else) wash with water when it rinses clearish, then emtpy all water, and half fill, with fresh water.

Now add any rocks, and decor your want ( i would not add wood), some plants if you want it a bit softer looking.

Now add as much water from the existing 3 footer as possible, top up with fresh treated water, put your existing filter from the 3 footer on the new tank, test the water, if it is the same as the 3 footer was (it should be VERY close) add the fish.. You could even add some of the substrate from the 3 footer if its the same as what you are going to use in the 4 footer.

Obviously the current tank mates would need to go first.

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