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Australian Native Mussels

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So a few days ago I got an Australian native mussel for my goldfish tank. Looks kinda cool and overnight hes buried himself under the substrate.

I was having a look online about their behavior, what they eat, and more about their breeding- some people are of the opinion they can harm the fish? But everyone had pretty big differences of opinion and I kinda gave up looking.

Has anyone kept them before or can offer advice??



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My uncle used to have a few. They can apparently carry parasites & worms so maybe QT & worm them before adding to a main tank.

They can also become a "nuke" for the tank if they get big then die. They become an ammonia bomb when they rot. Hard to tell if they're alive without seeing them too often. My uncle used to have a blue light on the tank of a night to see them & make sure they were alive.

Maybe shallow substrate so he can't completely bury out of sight will help monitor his health.

You need really small foods. Uncle used to crush goldfish flakes to dust & also feed daphnia & other micro foods to the tank.

If you breed them then most freshwater mussels have a parasitic larval stage which may affect your fish. Research your particular species to find out if they have parasitic larvae & if so, what fish may be vulnerable.

Good luck :)

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