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FOR SALE 4ft tank with stand, hood and all accessories

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Included in the sale:

4x18x18 tank with pine hood and stand (small area of minor water damage on front left corner of the stand. Can't take picture of it as its under the tank. It holds water very well with no visible scratches and was only emptied yesterday.)

40-50kg of sand

1x 1200lph Biopro external canister filter with media (bio balls, ceramic rings, filter wool, sponge etc.)

1x 300W heater

1x aqua one air pump with double inlet

1x 3ft airstone with all pipes and valves

1x 4ft T8 light

Also have some extra sheets of filter wool for the filter.

I am selling all this for $250ono.

The 3.5ft fully hollow driftwood featured in the 3rd picture can be purchased for an additional $120ono including around 4 smaller pieces of driftwood, one is around 2ft, the others are around 1ft.

Pickup is in Nerang. Please PM if interested or text 0435755007.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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