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planted tank help

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Hi all, I decided to setup a new planted tank yesterday, dimensions are 40x40x40cm.

Setup so far;

I went with a 7cm layer of mixed 1-3mm gravel that came from another low technology tank that doesn't get vacumed

I have a up aqua z series led and a 20g Fluval c02, which I had laying around but that leaks and the diffuser is cracked.

It has a 400lph power head with biofoam that I plan to never clean to well, should I go with a different filter?

I've got a couple of crypts attaching to wood, subbwesertang, us and Sydney fisidens and got some hm from aoa which I hope to carpet the tank with( I should have got all my plants there).

I went to a chain store and bought blue stricta and aluminium both of which I have learned don't do well submerged:(.

I need to dose carbon or setup c02 but I want to keep it on a small budget as I'd rather spend more getting good plants.

I'm looking for suggestions for a leafy plant that grows 30-45cm to go along the back wall and cheap carbon/c02 setups

Stockist is yellow cherry shrimp, riffle shrimp, and crystals/ snow white shrimp, once the hm grows in I will be looking for some small tetras.

Any help with hardware and plant suggestions welcome.

Cheers mick

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No problems growing Stricta fully aquatic. It grows gang busters in all but the worst conditions. Aluminium on the other hand will slowly die away.

You will probably not get the results you're after with HM. It grows much too tall and although it looks fantastic if trimmed right down it very quickly becomes a PITA having to do it every second week and removing all the little bits that doing so leaves floating around in your tank.

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So out of 4 plants I bought 3 of them aren't suited to long term tank light.

As this is my first high light and c02 tank I have no idea which plants would work best so can I get some suggestions please.

I'm after something to hid the back wall and a new feature plant for the centrepiece.

As a guide no Val, plants up to 40cm for the back wall and 25-30cm for the centrepiece.

Thanks in advance, mick

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did a trim tonight and the cuttings are in the plant trader forum. good variety to try out. hard to tell what will/won't work tor you as everyone's tank conditions are different. trial and error works best. some of those plants you probably wont find in a LFS, and def not at that price :)

and for carpeting you want HC instead of HM. or something like belem hairgrass or stauro tropica. there are many options but those have worked for me.

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