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Africans , lava rock and coral sand for sale

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Hey guys moving on some fish, rocks and substrate .

100 kg of coral sand - $200 or will sell in 50kg lots for $100 (only 6-7 months old )

12 Mixed sized lava rocks $150 the lot

Africans for sale

3x Blue dolphins (12cm) think they are all girls $15 each or $35 for the 3

4x electric yellow (7-8cm) $25

1x sulphur crested peacock (10cm) $10

2x kingsizei (8cm) $15 for both

1x pindani (8cm) $8

2x exerperatus 6-7cm $15 for both

4x maingano 6-7cm $25 for the lot

pick up is regents park, for quick reply 0458363922

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if you mean " will it be fine to keep in a bucket for a few months " then yes you are correct. this is very cheap for coral sand so and i belive its the best substrate for them, looks great too. come around and see it in the tank if you like as its very clean and looks great

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