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Suitable shrimp mates :)

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Rasbora maculata, "Pygmy Rasbora" go well with shrimp. They stay too small to eat em. I've got a peacock goby female (still looking for a male) in with my cherries & whilst I'm sure she'd snack on a few baby shrimp, she pays no mind to adults & juvies. Haven't noticed any drop in population either. I know there's a couple other fish I've kept with shrimp (without shrimp "disappearing") but I can't think of them atm...

Edit: thought of another type of fish I kept with shrimp; Sparkling Gourami. Like the peacock goby I'm sure they knocked off a few babies but I never noticed a drop in population with them either :)

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If you have enough cover most shrimp will survive small fish, there is some dwarf cories that only grow to 3cm that would work.

Cherry shrimp are the bottom of the food chain so the adults could be ok but fry will be picked off.

Don't put any two colours of cherries together as they will crosbreed and revert back to wild type.

I have a couple of shrimp tanks, maybe more lol

One has endlers and bristlenose and the shrimp numbers sustain but don't grow.

One has yellow cherries, crystal reds, riffles and native caridina shrimp and they all breed like crazy.

Another has choc cherries and snow white crystals.

It depends if your after a display tank or a breeding tank.

Feel free to send me a pm and you can come look at some of the setups.

Cheers mick

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