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Shrimp Rack Pictures!!!

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Finally up and running! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking LOL but here are a few specs:

6 tanks 2ftx18"x16"h

sump 2x18x18- 3 compartments. First compartment K1, need a heap more and need to put some gutter guard so it doesnt flow into compartment 2, which is a variety of sponges. Compartment 3 has a few litres of ceramic rings and soon to have 2L of marinepure spheres (just ordered some from AOA, for my marine tank and this rack). And yeah I'm also waiting on a filter sock to come lol.

Sump pump-italian made (forget brand LOL) 3500L/h pump. Seems to be going well!

Also sponge filters comming for each tank.

More diftwood coming as well and plants!

Substrate-natural river sand from my old discus tank

Stock (mostly still comming)- bottom 2 tanks will have a trio of pep breeders in each one + some cherries. middle tanks will each have a variety of cherrie shrimp and tiger shrimp at a later date. Top tanks will have a cherrie colony in each.

Chiller: hailea hc250a - not hooked up yet. Temp will be kept at 24-25c.

Lighting: top and middle tanks will be lit with T5s and bottom tanks will be natural sunlight/T8 when needed.

Excuse the plate in there lol, forgot to get it out :)



IMG_2469_zpsd66d311f.jpg [MENTION=7908]corymad[/MENTION] [MENTION=6305]Gazzdogdiddy[/MENTION] [MENTION=2309]chopper[/MENTION] thought you guys would wanna see some pictures lol :)

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Thanks for the comments guys! I can't wait to add the stock! I'll update this thread with pics of the shrimp when they arrive, will be 1.5-2 weeks from now. Forgotten, I got the anubias with the peps as a one off package deal.

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Shrimp stock coming this week so I've been doing some finishing touches win some more to come.

New light put on bottom tanks, won't be on unless I am doing maintenance or people are viewing fish ect. And got a large sponge filter for each tank as well. The marine pure spheres also arrived earlier in the week.



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