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Egg Tumblers in stock - Proceeds go towards Destiny Rescue

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What a great cause destiny rescue is mate and hope you sell out fast with these guys :clap2:

To save each child is $1500 which includes to rescue them and then re educates them.

The target set is trying to get 10 children out from slavery and exploitation from the sales of tumblers this year.

The thing with this is that these kids are 13 often younger they are sold usually by those who love them most. Mums, dads, brothers.

The question is if those who love the child the most, sell them, then who is coming to rescue them?

Rather than making a profit on these The Tech Den has opted not to accept any profit from these so that Destiny Rescue can receive the full benefits from this.

A few points on the tumblers too...

The Tumblers are double screened - this allows to place the tumbler back in the main aquarium or parent tank and they can't suck the eggs out.

They also now have micro mesh inside so are safe for small eggs like Cuckoo's and Cories. (outside mesh is standard to increase flow)

They have no hot spots - hot spots are down force area's where eggs settle.

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