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tangs for sale. similis , comps , calvus

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for sale

6 simlis-3cms i think 2 female 4 males. not sure tho -- $80 ono

2 gold comps 4-5 cms . not sure on sex -- $40 for both or $20 each, one has minor damaged jaw doesnt affect fish at all.

4 calvus - 1 has damaged lip from fighting but still fine--4-5 cms. not sure on sex -- $70 for all 4 or $20 each. think there is one pair but not sure.

all sizes are guessing went smaller rather then bigger.

would love these picked up during the day tomorrow if possible other wise sat arvo or sunday morning.

i can send pics by mob but im not putting pics on here. if u wanna see them google them.

any question pm or msg me 0431549600.

pick up camira

cheers preston

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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