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Good Morning,

I have a 4ft 300lt tank that has been up and running for a couple of months and initally I used a filter off my old tank to seed the new one.

I had 1 large synodontis catfish approx 10cm in there by himself. about 3-4 weeks ago i added 12 juvenile platys and 2 juvenile albino corys. I know i shouldn't have added so many at once however it was in the tank or the person i got them from would have gotten rid of them another way. I also added 4 snails a couple of weeks later and one of them died the first night.

Initially they were fine and within 3-4 days a few went missing. Then a week later a few more had gone missing. Im now down to 3 of the platys (the syno, corys and snails are fine).

I have been doing waterchanges and testing the water since i got them and PH is around 7.6, temp is 26 degrees, ammonia 0, nitrite 0 and nitrates 5.0ppm.

All of the fish have been swimming around like normal, they have all been eating and none have shown strange behaviour. I'm also not finding any of the missing fish bodies in the tank anywhere.

I need some help so i don't loose anymore.


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