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fish with black spot pigments ???

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i have recently purchased 2 more clown loaches, and i already have 21 in total through various other tanks but these 2 seem to have black pigment poka dots on they're body ???

has anyone else ever experienced this ? or know what it could be ?


- this is not my actual fish, but is the same issue, further reading has led me to believe its just a body pigment like freckles in humans ??

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maybe you could get a fillet off them finn ?? :nono:

reading further into this subject has led me to believe its a skin pigment type thing that isn't harmful to the fish, much speculation as to how it does occur includes

-gravel types

-water parameters

-how fast you replace water when doing waterchange

-frequency of waterchanges

just to list a few, but most posts ive found on loaches with spots doesn't seem to lead me to any conclusion on the matter other than sit and watch what happens with them..

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